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TY Dolla $Ign – You See It (George Floyd Tribute)

TY Dolla $ign records a powerful song called “You See It,” dedicated to George Floyd and other black Americans who have lost their lives to police brutality and injustice.



“I know you see it / My people dying in the streets / They ain’t breathing,” sings Ty. “I know you heard about it / You know the issues, but the problems you ain’t speaking.”


In the Change single he asks “How many more of my brothers / Do I gotta lose till I see change?” he asks. “I know you see it, but we need change.”


He recorded the passionate track last night with Skrillex, Ant Clemons, and Nia Miranda. “Shits been happening for far too long now,” said Ty, who’s working on his new album Tyrone. “It’s time for change and we demand it !”


Earlier today, YG released his own protest anthem called “FTP (F**k the Police)” in response to the police brutality in America.


Listen to Ty’s minute-long snippet below.