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Why Buhari Cancelled Broadcast – Senator Shehu Sani Tells Nigerians on his tweets.


The Online Broadcast of President Muhammadu Buhari was supposed to be held yesterday, Monday 17th of May 2020 to decide the plans after the initial lockdown placed on various Nigerian states affected by the virus.



The Federal Government reported later that the president will no longer speak and futher released a statement regarding the update on lockdown affecting demand different Nigerian states.

Nigerian senator, Senate Shehu Sani explained in his own terms the reason why Buhari did not give a live broadcast yesterday, attributing it to fear from the side of the president on how Nigerians would react if he futher Extends the Covid-19 lockdown.


He wrote ” Baba wanted to come out and talk to you, he peeped through the Window, instead of each of you holding a notebook and a pen, you were holding stones; and he just went back to Za living room. Return your stones from where you picked them.