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The Dumbest Things I Believed As A Kid (Checkout)

We all lived our lives as kids in the last 20-40 years, Naijamixed brings you The Dumbest Things we Believed As A Kid (Checkout some here).



Being a kid was the most fun part of my life. It was also the time when i believe alot of dumb things which i later realise in life were all false. Some were spread by my parents, relatives, siblings, and friends to make us afraid or control us.


When I was a kid I used to believe that


  1. Rubber band sucks blood


  1. That fish swims in one’s belly upon consumption.


  1. Lucozade and maltuna are for sick people.


  1. I believe when you take mango and at the same time drink garri it will kill you.


  1. When i eat food in the night, i am eating with the devil.


  1. Wen I swallow gum it will tie my intestine and I will die.


  1. If I swallow any seed the tree will grow on my head


  1. There is grinding machine in my stomach that digest the food i eat.


  1. I thought trees moves backwards wen you are in a moving car.


  1. If i wash my school uniform on sunday, it won’t dry at all


  1. God usually comes down to collect offering.


  1. Any food that falls on the ground is already eaten by the devil.


  1. If lizard see my tooth that is missing it will not grow again


  1. If u bite me and I mix chicken shit n red oil all your teeth will remove.


  1. That women gave birth through their navel.


16.If u point burial ground. Something bad will happen to you


17.If u drag a stick on the ground while walking. Your mama will give birth to snake.


  1. I use to believe all pot belly men are rich.


  1. I use to think that all black people will go to hell because devil is black and White people will go to heaven because Jesus is white.


  1. Satan was right under my feet.


  1. Any time u mistakenly cut ur self and blood is coming out you should start sucking it so that your blood will not finish.


  1. I use to believe eating head of ice fish together with the eyes will make my eyes big as well.


  1. If u jump/cross me,I will not grow again.


  1. If u flog a girl with broom,she will not marry.


25 when i was a kid i used to think the moon follows me wherever i go as i was getting older the Story changed that all streets have there own moon lol.


  1. When you dont go to church on sunday and u stay alone at home satan will come and steal you.


  1. I believed everyone who stays in the village is either a witch or a wizard. I vowed never to visit any village.


  1. if a cat spits on you death awaits you


  1. Older people never Excrete


  1. I use to think that as a flower boy, the flower gal was my babe o lol.


Over to you. What are the dumbest thing you believed as a kid?