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Adeleke defeats Atiku, Saraki, PDP in court, awarded N5m

Representative Ifeanyi Okowa Partially Relaxes Covid-19 Lockdown in Delta Sate and gives an affirmed date for Resumption of Schools and different Offices in the State.



Gov Okowa gave the discourse 24 hours after The President of Nigeria conveyed a,partial reliever time Nigerians with respect to the crown infection lockdown explicitly expressing that seven days lockdown measure would be taken in Lagos, Ogun, FCT and fourteen days lockdown would be set up at Kano State.

Futhermore, Governor Okowa Disclosed that Schools included private and open would continue from 30th of May 2020, in the interim Grade 12 Workers who are Senior staffs should continue work from the 30th of April 2020.

Talking about social affair and church exercises Governor Okowa Instructed that he would meet with the religions heads to pass directions for the spots of love. be that as it may, Everyone going out around the State ought to guarantee to put on a face cover as it would help lessen conceivable outcomes of reaching the infection.

Addressing shops and commercial centers the senator indicated that inhabitant ought to guarantee that not in excess of 50 individuals accumulate in the business sectors or shops .