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[Lyrics] Tony Richie - Badtman

Here comes the Lyrics for Just Released Badtman Track From Minister Tony Richie powered by Soar City Records.

Tony Richie – Badtman Is an official single that marks his Birthday on June 14th as he calls it a gift for all.


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Tony Richie – Badtman Lyrics


[Verse 1]

There’s no one

That was ever afflicted by Jesus

There’s no one

That was ever made poor by Jesus

There’s no one

that was ever made sick by Jesus

God is not a man oh

Whatever you want is what you get yeah yeah

He allow the sun to

Shine on the badman

He allows the moon to

Set for the badman

He the rain to

Fall for the badman

Just the same way it falls ok the Goodman


This God is good oh

He’s very very good oh

[Verse 2]

His plans are plans of good

There’s no evil at all

No evil at all 3×


Who is He that lays anything

To the charge of God’s elect

God is the one that justifies

I’m justified and I’ve been made alive with Christ

No evil in God

No evil in me

Yeah yeah

So whatever that’s called evil around you is not from God

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