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LOVE OR LUST?? OZO Passes Love Notes to Nengi
LOVE OR LUST?? OZO Passes Love Notes to Nengi

Being as sincere as he is, Big Brother NAIJA housemate “Ozo” passes love Notes to Nengi as their friendly relationship continues to get closer.


Hmm! We initially taught Ozo only liked her as a friend but he seems to have gotten down with her after his love letters revealed via the show.

Ozo love Letters to Nengi reads thus-

I know I love you cause none other has made me feel this way. You are a blessing & a kind person. I can watch you for a life time. You are my favourite movie. Nengi.

“With you I want everything. With you I’ll always have a friend & lover. Your smile & laugh gives me joy.”

“I’ve met many & none made me love the idea of love like you have. ‘NG Baby’ my love for situationships does not exist cause of you.”

One cannot call this love, it’s definitely lust cause they aren’t being real. Ozo just wants her that’s all



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