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Burna boy Slams Davido & Wizkid as the G.O.ATs



Burna Boy Reacted Angrily as Davido’s Tweets few hours ago had effect on his stance as the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T) Nigerian Artist  with a reprimand ING quote – “You Can’t Play Football, But Your Daddy Bought The Football Team”


Davido dropped a shocking tweet yesterday on who are the greatest Nigerian Music artists Tagging Himself and Wizkid who have been known over the years as the most controversial artists even duo they no longer fight themselves on who are better than the other.

Meanwhile the African giant Album crooner, Burna Boy Reacted to the tweet in an unfriendly manner with an expected  indirect question on why he wasn’t Included on the tweet slamming Davido on his family background which wasn’t expected of him.


Burna boy against davido

subliminally saying “You cannot play football, everyone knows you are an embarrassment to the team, but your father bought the football team”


Probably referring to the fact that Davido comes from a wealthy background.


Then Davido later goes on to post about his Album “A Better Time” abbreviated as “ABT” in July on his instagram story and shortly after that, Burna boy responds again saying “July Will be very funny, I shall laugh accordingly” mocking Davido once again.



Are all these expected of top artists especially Burna Boy??


 Burna boy